December 30th, 2016

Too much time has passed between my last post and now. We have about 36 hours until a whole new year begins, a new year filled with new possibilities.

I look back on everything that’s happened to me this year; new jobs, relationships, homes, and major life slaps that kicked me into high gear.

I won’t say I had a perfect year, that was an impossible goal I set for myself. But what I can say is that I pursued my happiness in every aspect of my life. I became closer with my family and made ore time for each and every event we held. I even found happiness in my new family I’ve made through my relationship with Heather.

I left my fraternity. Well. I became inactive within my fraternity. Though that may not “be and real thing” it felt real enough to me and I’ve felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I spent the better part of this year forcing myself into trying man a sinking ship. I realized, with the help of some really close friends, that I had already done my duty and it was time to allow someone else to step up to take the mantle. But in leaving, I took everything that I had learned and all those amazing relationships I had built up. That, honestly, was the nest part of being active.

Heather, my wonderful, amazing partner in crime has been my foundation and my rock on which I’ve built achieveme of these changes upon. I tell her constantly that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and I firmly believe that. Her passion and drive compels me to one day stand as high as she does within the world.

This year has been something else, something crazy and ridiculous and a whirlwind of chaos. But behind all of that, I can feel myself being propelled in the direction I’ve supposed to have been headed towards. This next year can only help me grow more into the man I want to become and I couldn’t be more excited and out it starting.

So, 2017, whatcha’ got?


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