Ice Isn’t Nice

So snow, it’s weird, right? Crystallized water falling from the sky to bring our certain doom. The rules of the road? Out the window. Class, work? Unheard of! But today, I was determined to go down to Little Rock to take some new photos with my friend, Gabe. We handled the road very well, the interstate was perfectly fine. But let me tell you, getting off the interstate is a bitch, fickle and cruel, and she hurt my car. Turning onto the road that would lead me to my father’s house, I didn’t slow down enough to make the turn and ended up hitting the front, left corner of my car on a very solid curb. The alignment on my car is now what the dealership described as ‘wonky’ and I’m sitting here, waiting.

Now I will say this, there are many worse things happening in the world right now, including the shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport, but in my tiny little life things sort of suck currently.

It’s a short post today, but know this, I will not be driving in the snow ever again unless I absolutely have to do so.

Stay safe out there folks, see you all tomorrow.


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