Diary of a Frat Dad

First and foremost, yes, I am a member of the fraternal world. I was lucky enough to join the brotherhood of Phi Sigma Kappa in the Spring of 2015. Since, I have held the positions of Scholarship Chair, Social Media Chair, and Treasurer. During my time as an active member, I was able to raise money through a philanthropic event called Pumpkins for PSK, create a well-establish rapport with Legacy Financial, and visit our Shonk Leadership Convention. I’ve made friends that I know will last a lifetime and learned the skills that I needed to be able to speak out and become a future leader.

Now, I’m absolutely not saying that it was all perfect by any means. There were moments that I wanted to pull my hair out. There were days that I felt like I couldn’t breathe because I was drowning in a world of forced labor, cattiness, and pride. I am just as guilty of these as anyone else, but what I found as time went on was the ability to accept my faults and grow from them. I am not afraid to say I’m happy I chose to become inactive. Since, I have felt a huge pressure lift off of my chest and gained the ability to pursue the dreams and passions that I’ve always wanted to pursue. Thankfully, there are a multitude of amazing men within the fraternity who respect and applaud my choices and continue to remain close comrades through the trails and tribulations of life.

In my absence, I’m hoping that the organization can pull itself out of the rut that it’s dug for itself and as I’ve said to many of it’s members, I will always be here to offer my assistance and guidance for any of the upcoming semesters. But for now, I’m leaving it to the newest members to allow themselves to grow with the fraternity instead of holding it back within the ways of the old. Change is a dramatic thing, it’s difficult and it tests the strongest of us. But, to be able to move forward into an ever-changing world, it is absolutely necessary. It never stops, it never gets easier. But, the more people you find and surround yourselves with that are willing to change, the more the burden is shouldered on many instead of few.

If joining Greek life is the way you want to go during your time in college, by all means, do it. But allow yourself to have a mind of your own within the organization, that’s how I’ve always felt. Speak up, let your voice be heard. It doesn’t matter if you just joined or if you’ve been there for years, you are all equal in the brotherhood of man.

I’d love to hear what some of you out there think of the fraternal world and if you’ve ever been a part of it, so feel free to leave a comment below! Also, if you enjoyed this post be sure to follow me to get updates on anything that gets added!

Keep it real, readers!


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