Lately, I’ve been really stressed about the state of our nation and the people that live within it. Hate begetting hate, violence begetting violence, it’s barbaric and very strange that it’s still happening in such a magnitude. Why are we like this? Why can’t we just learn to love one another for the amazing people that we are? I wish that I had answers to these questions, but I’m only one man with little knowledge beyond my borders.

Ever since I met my girlfriend, I’ve found a way to escape the majority of all the violence and hate through the exploration and adventure in our National Parks. They’re magnificent and the greatest way to detach yourself from the horrors of the everyday media. With everything going on, I’ve been thinking back to my recent trips with Heather and how great of an escape it was. I wrote something I’d like to share with all of you today, so I hope you enjoy!

Are all,


The wild wind will whisper,
Like secrets on a playground,
Like waking up at night with friends.


The water flows so quickly,
Like crying with your mother,
Or tears from laughter.


The trees smell like,
The inside of grandpa’s cabin,
The burning of a Christmas fire.


The rough dirt is hard,
But rich with steps and stories,
Gritty and tough against skin.


The rumbling of the Earth,
It’s heart beats like mine,
And yours,
And we,
Are all,


When I first wrote this I had a children’s perspective in mind, but reading it now I really think that anyone can feel this way when they escape the day to day.

If anyone else has gone out to the National Parks, tell me what your favorite one was and what your best memory of it was! Be sure to leave a comment and find me out in the social mediaverse!

Happy trails folks!


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