What They’re Made Of

Today is a day for sorrow. Today is a day for happiness. Today is day to be together as a nation and celebrate the life of as many who once brought more of us together than ever before.

Today, think about as time when you pushed away instead of welcoming in. Think about how you can create as better world just as Dr. King once did.

I, just like many of my peers, am responsible for the world we live in. I haven’t done my part to make this world better. But I’m changing that, I’m changing the way I view everything around me and how I react to the good and bad. I’m changing it because I too have a dream, just like Dr. King. I dream of a day that I can be proud to bring children of my own into this world. I have a dream that one day, I don’t have to fear living in the south, or big cities, or outside of the United States. I have a dream that one day the rest of the world can look at us as a place of love and diversity instead of shaking their heads every time our name is mentioned.

Be the good in the world, be the change. Because when we change ourselves, we change the world around us just around much.
Today I didn’t have much more than this little piece of mine, but I think it’s important to hear. So get out there, help a friend of neighbor, be the best you can. I want to hear how you change the world in the comments below! And be sure to find me out there in the social mediaverse.

Keep dreaming folks.


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