The Future Of A Nation’s Education

Alright everyone, I’m steamed today. Like, I’m overly steamed. Today, Mrs. Betsy DeVos ATTEMPTED to talk herself into her elected position as Secretary of Education. I just need to vent for a bit and talk about this woman.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see that I’ve been doing nothing but following the discussions of whether or not she is suited for this position. Let me say this first, my mother is an educator. My grandparents were educators and everyone in the younger portion of my family are either college bound or currently enrolled.

How can we possibly elect someone who has total control over these demographics of primary, secondary, and collegiate education when she can’t even agree to follow the rules and regulations already laid out for her? Multiple Senators that spoke with her, including Senator Franken and Senator Kaine, gave her very direct, very simple questions that would have allowed her to state her personal opinion on arguments that have been within the educational world for years now. But, she not only refused to answer them, she skirted around the questions and smiled while doing it. She knows good and well what she is doing and Sen. Kaine said it perfectly, “You’re trying to win over my vote.”

We aren’t falling for this. The education of my generation and the generations to come is the most important thing for our nation. Not only because those are our future leaders, but they are our FUTURE. Plain and simple. We can’t let this woman, who mind you hasn’t spent a day within a classroom, become the leader of our education system. We are already struggling as it is, take it from my mother who has to witness her students struggling and falling behind daily.

I just don’t know what else to say. I’ve tried to do a well enough job of not ranting on here but today I cannot keep silent. I’ve shared multiple videos on my Facebook page, so if you’d like to see what has been going on be sure to check it out. I’d also love to hear your voices on this and see what you think, so be sure to comment.

Use your brains folks, don’t be sheep.


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