Alleys and Corridors

I won’t be doing a long post today, but I wanted to keep everyone update on what’s going on in the CSPWriting world.

Today, I have an interview with Eric Homan from Frederator Studios, so be on the lookout for that Q&A. I’ve also finished/caught up with The Bright Session episodes and I can’t wait for the next to be released soon.

I’ve started listening to a couple more podcasts and will be attempting to contact the creators so that I might continue with these Q&A’s for all of you. If you have suggestions as to who I might contact or listen to for an interview, I will happily take suggestions!

I’d also like everyone to know that my reviews span more than just podcasts, I’d love to support and speak to anyone out there who has a passion they’re following.

You know, I never would have followed through with doing anything like this if I hadn’t taken a chance on email Lauren Shippen. Even before that, I wouldn’t have even thought about doing that before reading Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck. So many things can start a domino effect and lead your life in to the weirdest alleyways and corridors, but you have to be willing to walk down them and see what’s at the end. Take your shot, don’t let it go, and follow the dreams that you’ve always wanted to pursue.

I hope that everyone out there has an amazing rest of their week and a wonderful weekend. I know that I sure will! Feel free to find me out there in the social mediaverse and comment below!

Dream big and follow it folks!


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