Announcement: Week Of Poetry

Hello world!

I’d like to announce that this week I will posting some of my poetry each day. “Is this just an excuse for you to not write full posts?”


Ok, maybe just a little bit. But I’ll be honest, classes have started back and I need to make sure that I stay on track with everything. So, for the next week I’ll be sharing some of my older poetry from back in my angsty, teenage days and posting a few of my newer poems that pop up from time to time.

This is also giving me a better chance at typing up my Q&A with Eric Homan, VP of Development for Frederator Studios!

So, I hope you all enjoy the next week of poems and if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments be sure to leave them below! Also, find me out there in the social mediaverse through the Buttons!

Stay artsy folks!

Poem for the People, By the People

How loud the heralds scream,
Glory, glory,
We’re back to kings,

Rich and wealthy men degrading,
Demagogue who’s demonstrating,
Privilege, power,
A pure elitist,
Calls us snowflakes,
And defeatists,

Listen people,
Friends and foes,
This country makes mistakes,
We chose,
A man in need of jackets,
But now is not the time to wait,
Now we rise up,
Make a stand,
Conquer hatred,
Form a plan,
Four more years,
We’ll try again,
So mend your messes,


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