Week of Poetry: Day Two

Heather by Caleb S. Patton

For her,

I am grateful,

The days come and gone.

For her,

I am hungry,

For more battles won.

For her,

I am silent,

Her mind loud as mine.

For her,

I am vibrant,

In love stretched through time.

For her,

There’s no equal,

No heart that can match.

For her,

It’s the long con,

No quick game of catch.

For her,

It’s not sunbeams,

It’s storms stood together.

For her,

It’s tornadic,

We’ll whether the weather.

For her,


The first of it’s kind.

For me,

I’d not ask for more,

As long as she’s mine.

Today I thought I’d remind the world how stupidly lucky I am to have someone like Heather in my life. She’s the rock, the hard place, and everything in between. I love her with my whole heart and don’t see it dismissing anytime soon. Here’s to you, love.

Stay cheesy folks!


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