Week of Poetry: Day Three

Today I wanted to share some of my older poetry with you fine people, so here you go!

I can’t sit,
Idly by,
And watch time fly,
Through me like an arrow,
Sparrow with a tender heart,
Rendered by the spark of glory,
Hallelujah, praise the skies,
As once again the arrow flies,
Through words on the screen,
Never knowing,
What they mean,
It’s like,
Sonnets and soliloquies,
Seas and seas of shark infested waters,
Invest in daughters fathers,
Spoiled to the core,
Or more,
Their heart,
Dark divas placed like stone,
Push and run,
Receive a moan,
But no,
No more till flowers bloom,
No nights under the moon,
So come June,
I’ll fly away.


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