How It’s Going Down

Today is going to be a short post as I do not have anything specific to talk about. Other than the fact, that I indeed, did not come as prepared as I thought I was going to be to the world of daily blogging.

So, here’s the deal folks. I’m switching it up a bit.
Every week, I’m going to have one subject, topic,  that I stick to, that is, unless I have something absolutely crazy happen but that can be put into a separate post aside from the main “daily” post.
Starting this week, I’m going to be doing book reviews from some of the favorite literary works that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying whilst here on this planet. I’d love to hear recommendations for any subjects or topics that you’d like to see me talk about for the week, so be sure to find me out there on the social mediaverse!
And, be sure to tune in this week for the Bookworm Reviews(this title may not stick but I’m rolling with it for now!)

As always,

Stay classy folks!


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