Dallas Days

Hello all! I can’t begin to apologize for my prolonged absence, but let me tell you, school is a vile and fickle beast that loves to rear it’s ugly head right when I want to speak to all of you. As you all know (from my previous post), I spent the past weekend in Dallas with my girlfriend and her family and I’d love to tell you all a little bit about my time there.

First of all, I’ve never been to Dallas. Sure, I’ve been through it plenty of times on trips with my family and grandfather, but I’ve never actually stopped and stayed in the city for a prolonged period of time. I’ll start by saying, I. HATE. DALLAS. TRAFFIC. It was absolutely nightmarish compared to the driving that I’m used to here in Arkansas. That combined with the fact that the interstate weaves in and out of itself almost drove me to the point of pulling over and letting Heather drive. Thankfully, I got us to her brother’s apartment in one piece. Once we arrived and shared our initial pleasantries, we walked down to a local Mexican restaurant and shared a fantastic meal and a few drinks. Once we’d finished, we decided to head back to the apartment and get some well deserved sleep before the festivities of the Monster SuperCross event the next day.

Once we all finally crawled out of bed, we found that Heather’s dad had decided to bring us doughnuts as a delicious breakfast surprise. I, of course, was overjoyed at the thought of doughnuts because I’m a fatty. From there, we all got dressed and ready, waiting on our first Uber of the trip to arrive and take us to downtown Dallas where we would be having lunch at the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse. I was able to try their pistachio crusted chicken and let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic. I would recommend any of my friends or readers heading to the Dallas area to at least stop by and enjoy their fantastic food and drinks.

Once we’d finished eating, we hailed yet another Uber to deliver us to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium for the trips main event, Monster Energy’s Supercross! I do have to point something out about the stadium that I found interesting. They wouldn’t let Heather bring in her bag even though it was fairly small. Thankfully, there was an amazing security guard that allowed us to mark it as a medical bag, letting her bring it into the stadium. We all agreed that he needed a major raise after helping us out like that, so if someone that works above him sees this, follow through my man! Now, my brother has always been much more of a sporting type than I ever was growing up, but I had an absolute blast getting to watch all of these guys compete. I have to be honest, I actually got a little too into the event as I started sitting on the edge of my seat, cheering for the guys that I wanted to win the races. In the end, it was really cool seeing Marvin Musquin take home the win and end up second in points.

Once it was all said and done, we made our way outside to find that Uber was going to cost us a whopping one hundred and thirty dollars just to get back to the apartment. So, being a previous driver myself, I suggested that we try to walk away from the surging area and find someplace that the price might drop for us. We walked for a mile or two until we made it to a local Buffalo Wild Wings, where the price dropped dramatically and we hailed our final Uber of the trip. I must point out one more interesting anecdote about the trip here. Our final driver, it being her first night driving, was probably the scariest driver I’ve ever ridden with in my life. Not only did she continue to fix her hair while driving, she also showed us photos and videos of her class, had her check engine light on, and her low tire pressure light was on as well. All this while swerving into other lanes and having to break and go half of the time. talk about death defying trips! Once we got back to the apartment, Heather’s dad went to grab beer as we set up a rousing game of Settlers of Catan, to which we three men were sorely beaten twice by Heather.

The next day, we were in no rush to leave the weekend behind us. We hung around the apartment, watching a few episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and waiting to decide on where we wanted to share our final lunch together. We thought that we decided on a local Applebee’s, but as we followed Heather’s brother and dad, we found out that they had decided that we enjoy the amazing food of In-And-Out before we came back to Arkansas. It was delicious and enjoyable, of course, and we didn’t want to leave. But, like all good things they must come to an end. So, we grabbed our things, said our goodbyes, and we were on our way home.

The trip was amazing and I wouldn’t have spent my weekend any other way.
I will also add that while I drove I was able to finish three of the podcasts that I’ve been wanting to listen to and will be posting those reviews as the week continues. Hopefully, I can get in contact with a member of each of their respective teams to get a word in with them.

So, hopefully you all enjoyed my ramblings and like I said, look out through the week to see my reviews for Archive 81, The Deep Vault, and The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air. Be sure to find me out there in the social mediaverse and leave a comment if you enjoyed the post today!

Stay real folks!


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