I’ll Be Damned (Damned Book Review)

Well, I’m back at it again with another thrilling book review! This time, I’m bringing you my condensed review of Damned by Chuck Palahniuk. Now, a lot of you may not recognize that name, but this is the man who brought us the glory that is Fight Club. After seeing those few words on the cover of this book, I knew that I had to buy it and start reading it right away. Well, that and the fact that there was a deal going on at my local Books-A-Million that made the book much cheaper than what it’s worth. (Hooray for being a cheapskate!)

So, onto the book. In this, we follow the life, or better, afterlife of Madison Spencer, a thirteen, chubby, virginal child of Hollywood parents. We quickly learn that Madison has earned her one-way ticket to eternal damnation, and hell, it isn’t half bad! Along the way, Madison pairs up with her own version of the Breakfast Club, including the geek, the douche, the hot chick, and the anarchist. As they branch out beyond their cells, they travel to strange and exotic “hotspots” scattered around Hell including but not limited to the Great Plains of Broken Glass, the Great Ocean of Wasted Sperm, and the Hell Headquarters filled with all of the damned telemarketers of the world. All this, for our young soul to find and confront her biggest idol, Satan himself.

Palahniuk does an absolutely terrific job with creating the character and Madison and putting us in the shoes of a thirteen year-old girl, using all of the silly and misguided insults and knowledge that one thinks a teen would carry with them. Seamlessly, he takes us from past to present as Madison tells us of what she remembers before dying and the life she had growing up with her ex-hippie, ex-druggie, ex-everything parents. He paints an excruciatingly vivid image of what Hell looks like and how dreadfully boring our lives on Earth truly are. As one of the characters, Archer, says, “Who says you only live once?” If you’re looking for a story that’s sure to leave you turning the page, you’ve found it here. A tale of love, laughter, and loathing for those still living, it’s a book that can be enjoyed by any age.

So, go out right now and buy a copy of this book if you’re looking for something new to read. Be sure to find me out there in the social mediaverse and continue liking, commenting, and following the site to keep updated with everything going on.

You stay damn fine folks!


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