Hey, Hideout

Hey, Hideout,
You’re alone,
Too long without comfort,
Cut deep to the bone.

Hey, Hideout,
Stay strong,
You won’t be lonely,
Laying there long.

Hey, Hideout,
You’re missed,
Our days full of silence,
Days full of bliss.

Hey, Hideout,
Stay still,
Your walls keep me warm,
From Outside’s old chill.

Hey, Hideout,
You’re loved,
Each day you keep waiting,
Like God up above.

Hey, Hideout,
Stay sweet,
Your doors locked away,
From unfamiliar feet.

Hey, Hideout,
Be true,
I’m still left here wondering,
What I should do.

Hey, Hideout,
I’m afraid,
Torn up and tattered,
By the plans that I laid.

Hey, Hideout,
Let it be,
Because I can’t leave you,
When you’ve stolen the key.


via Daily Prompt: Hideout


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