Na Na, Na Na, Na Na, Na Na…

Wow, I can’t believe I left you all alone for the whole weekend with no warnings or comments of why I would be gone! I feel awful. But, I’m going to make it up to all of you by filling you in on a few of the key details as to why I disappeared. First and foremost, I left my job as a leasing consultant at one of the local apartment complexes. Why leave a job where I could sit at a desk most of the day talking on the phone? Well, as fate would have it, I was in the market for a new job. These unseen hands weaved their way into my life once again by reconnecting me with the owners of our local Rocketfizz franchise, asking if I was willing to come back as the assistant manager of the Conway store. Of course! I loved working at Rocketfizz before and the only reason I left was due to some managerial issues, but I was assured that had now changed.

So, I’ve started my new job and I must say, it’s been exciting so far! I cannot stress enough to everyone out there how important it is to work somewhere that you feel comfortable and that your opinion matters. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like I have any say at my job and now, I can feel a huge weight being lifted off of me and dozens of new doors opening up for wonderful opportunities. Following that, I spent the other half of my weekend taking some well deserved time off from work, school, and most of my other obligations. I was able to enjoy time with my friend, Tyler, and play Bloodborne (while drinking of course). I was also able to enjoy some quality time with Heather, re-watching the Avatar series. Finishing out the weekend, I grabbed Rupi Kaur’s book of poetry, milk and honey, a book I’ve been dying to get my hands on. After dropping that off back home, I went to see The Lego Batman movie with my friend Emilia and I must say, I recommend that you all go out and see it as soon as possible, but maybe not the late-late show like I did because I’m dead tired today.

Well, I’m sure that this wasn’t the exciting post you were all expecting, but I thought I’d give a little insight as to why I didn’t keep up with the dailypost poems that I did last week. I hope that you’re all ready to have an amazing weekend, I know that I am. Be sure to like, comment, or follow the page to keep up with the rest of my “wild” and “crazy” life!

Stay real folks!


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