Inch By Inch

What makes the man?

Is it the decades,
Years, months, days,
Weeks, hours, minutes,
Seconds in which he measures his life?

Is it every mile walked,
In his shoes?
Or does he walk in the shoes of others,
Always the giver,
Never the given.

Is it the weight he gains in memories,
In loves lost and loved again,
In pounds and pennies earned,
In every diet drink because she said,
“They’re better for you.”

Or is it something deeper,
Something primal,
Something waiting to be released,
A fire, a passion,
Always yearning for more and more,
Some grow wild and unruly,
Some grow dim and die.

Is it every candle burned?
Is it every tear shed?
Is it every witnessed death?
How can you measure the man?
How can you measure his worth?

Do things make the man?


Does the man,
Make himself?

via Daily Prompt: Measure


Hello all! Thank you all so much for continuing to support my poetry and assorted writing! I wanted to announced that I’ve started up a second blog called Hey! Cartoons! It’s a cartoon ratings, ravings, and review blog for anyone interested in learning more about what cartoons to go out and watch. So, if you’re interested, be sure to check it out!


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