Stronger Belief, Stronger Dreams

When I was a child,
I danced on the toes of my father,
Our laughter filled every room,
Our smiles,
Brighter than the sun.

When I entered high school,
Christmas had grown bitter,
Your presence set the precedence,
As doors slammed,
And bridges burned.

Walking across the stage with diploma in hand,
The word ‘father’ sounded wrong,
‘Dad’ had become both maddening,
Mesmerizing all the same.

When I shared my first drink with you,
We cried,
The world around us cried,
Standing there soaking,
In the rain,
In the tears.

I watched all of you fall,
A domino placed by perfect little hands,
Lining up to knock each other down,
Years of broken promises,
Years of forgotten plans,
Years of wondering,
If my life would only mirror,
The one I tried so hard to avoid.



When I have grown older,
When I have become wiser
When I have my first child,
They will stand on the tips of my toes,
I shall dance with them.


via Daily Prompt: Avid


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