It comes caught in the mouths
of those who seek it,
It weakens weaker minds and molds
all those who worship it,
It plows through pastures with
irritating irrigation,
It subdues those both sexual and
sensual in nature and in bed,
It warps and wraps itself around women
who weep at the sight of it,
It corrupts and confounds men
who cackle and crave it’s might.

It is the bully,
It is the baker,
It is all that which is deemed the Maker,
It is whispered upon the winds,
It is hailed upon high,
It is donned in golden regalia,
It is donned within the eyes of the meek and meager,
It is both ball and
chain banging against brittle bones,
It is all-knowing, all-seeing, all but
forgiving in the eyes of gods.

via Daily Prompt: Control


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