Thoughtful Thursday: Following Your Dreams

I’m starting a new series of posts where each Thursday, I’m going to reflect on some of the things that have been going on in my life. I would love to hear from those out there who read the few posts that show up on here!

Today, I wanted to talk about where I’m headed in my professional life.

It’s taken me a long time, with quite a few hardships, to realize where I want to take myself. When I first started out, I believed that I was going to be the next big star, dancing and singing my way across a Broadway stage. The hard truth of college, stage work, and the conflicting personalities of myself and my professors told me that dream was far too lofty. It was between years of dropping out of college, working, dropping out of college again and then realizing I wasn’t ever going to be happy without a degree that I rekindled my love of writing.
When I returned what I knew to be my final attack on college, I thought I might become a teacher and share my passion for writing and English with the younger generation. I was incredibly wrong and thankfully, I realized this soon enough to where it didn’t affect my classes or schedule. I began to focus on my Lower Division classes, knocking out all of the areas of study that I knew I had no interest in learning more about. It wasn’t until I decided to take Introduction to Creative Writing with Dr. John Vanderslice that I had an epiphany. I didn’t care about making money. I didn’t care about fame and fortune. All I wanted was happiness and for the first time, I’d felt it in this class. Since, I’ve been taking any class I can within the Creative Writing department and changed my Major to reflect what I’m truly passionate about.

Let me tell you folks. Don’t listen to the people who want nothing more than to put you down. Follow those passions and dreams. Realize that you are truly capable of creating a lifestyle that fills up every empty corner of your heart and soul. I’ve travel across the country to speak with people who share my passions. I’ve spoken with those who have created amazing works of fiction that continuously grow and change into massive followings. I am by no means a professional in this field yet. But, I have found the drive and passion to learn as much as I possibly can and build up from the foundations that have already been laid down. There is a vast world of possibilities that I hope to venture into as soon as I can and I don’t think that anything could excite me more.

So, what drives you? What are your passions and dreams?




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