Tiny Fiction Tuesday: Sacrifice

He stood there, on the edge of the sheer cliff face. Waves angrily crashed into the foam-filled grave below.
“Is this what you want?” He screamed against the wind and sea. His voice drowning within the gales, within the tide.
“Is this your demand? Will this suffice?” Bits of earth picked up around him, tossed aside like grains within the sands of time. Small stones fall and tumble down into the tumultuous water below. His clothing stripped, falls free and dances within the free fall down. Down. Down. The air smells of salt and sin. Sweat and seawater drip from his face.
All that can be heard is the encroaching storm. His words are lost upon the ears of those with whom he seeks council. His eyes shut. He allows the swirling storm to lift him, raise him up.

In an instant, silence.

The wind rushes around his face, his form.

His body, his mind, his soul are all forfeit.

The eye of a god stares down at him.



The air calms, the sea slows to a churning, rolling chorus of waves against the shore. At the base of the hill from which he stood, robed figures stand.

They have been praying.
They have been waiting.
They have wanted nothing more than for their peace to return. And they have it. And they have lost as well.

“This will suffice. This has passed.” They tell themselves with each step away from the cliff. Each step back towards their families, their homes, their lives.

All but one.



Well, I hope that everyone enjoy that little piece of fiction for today! I plan on posting Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on, in between my classes. So, feel free to share or comment on this. If you’re feeling frisky, don’t hesitate to follow my site so you can keep up with all the upcoming pieces.



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