Thoughtful Thursdays: Connections

Have you ever wondered about the impact you leave on peoples lives? The bonds you create? The hearts you break? As I’ve gotten older, I can feel myself reaching a certain point of clarity in these reflections. I think back to the times where I wished I could have seen my grandmother more before she passed. I wonder about what life would have been like had I never come to Arkansas during my transition from 5th to 6th grade. But more often than not, I think about the friendships that I no longer have within my life.

I think there’s a time, in everyone’s life, where you have to make hard decisions. Life-changing decisions that rock the entire foundation of what you’ve built. Maybe it’s a disagreement you’ve had with a friend. Maybe, it’s about something so fundamental to what you built your friendship around. At what point in the disagreement to you care more about the “ME” and less about the “WE?” Friendships can indeed be broken and sometimes that might be for the best. But stop and think first, “What must I lose to achieve what I wish to gain?”

Maybe you make a mistake, a big one. A mistake so astronomical that the heavens cry out for your judgement. You’re put on trial, the die are cast, and your future is left to the fates of chance. No matter how hard you try to reignite what you’ve extinguished, the wood is beyond rescue. Do you repent? Do you accept your fate? The trials and tribulations of life make these pathways hard for a reason. You grow, you overcome, you move on.

But know, not all is lost in the world. You will create bonds and friendships with some of the most amazing people out there. You will build each other up to heights thought unimaginable until you met and you will light the way for many more to follow. You will become paragons of connection. You will become more than what you thought you could be before. You, will become something amazing.


Good morning world and salutations!
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