Story Of My Life: A Review of I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty

Listen up fools, because I’ve got some knowledge to slam down onto you all.
Have you ever felt like you aren’t doing well enough?
Aren’t reaching those goals you set out to achieve when the clock struck midnight and the ball dropped?
Didn’t meet the word count or criteria to join in the NaNoWriMo club this year?
Can’t seem to post regularly on a blog that you created almost a year ago because you’re a lazy bum? (Ummmmm, what? That’s totally not me!)


Mur Lafferty, a once writing drop-out, has become a beacon of hope for all those lost in their little worlds of worry and woe. Since returning to the writing scene, she has not only published books such as Book Burners, Six Wakes, The Shambling Guide To New York City, and many others, she has also created her very own podcast, I Should Be Writing.

But enough about the past, you want to hear about the here and now, right?
You’re thinking, “What can I get out of this book? What’s it going to do for me me me, hmmm?”

Well, worry not young padawan, taught the ways of this book, you shall. (Why’d a do a Yoda thing?)

To begin, this book is hilarious. It’s been some time since I’ve picked up a book that’s built to help me and my writing that truly feels like a person is on the other side of it.
With chapters like, “All Writing Advice Is Crap” and “Second Draft-Silk Purses from Sows’ Ears”, it’s hard not to giggle a few times while flipping through it’s pages.
One of the grandest parts of this book is how she dedicates large portions of it to her “Bully” and her “Muse”. These two ‘creatures’ are what live inside your mind and fuel the positive and negative thoughts that you have while trying to create something new.

Another wonderful portion of the book is dedicated to writing exercises in the back of the book. Some of these are as simple as writing down all of the reasons why you aren’t currently writing some, to ones as in depth as discovering that your nemesis has a secret online identity as a philanthropist instead of a troll.

From Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing, Chasing the Elusive ‘Time Beast’, denying Perfection and it’s terrible hold on us, and being an Idea Theft, Lafferty creates a wonderful start to becoming a better writer and accepting that through the faults that we all have, we create masterpieces.

A final note. I would highly recommend checking out the podcast Lafferty has created with this book. I’ll be sure to add a link to the newest episode here!


So, what are you doing?! Go out there and start doing what you do best! Buying books and writing more and more until your hands go numb!

Cheers all,


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