Arkansan Abroad – Day 1

Well, today is the day.

Currently, I’ve been awake since 3am, Dallas time, and have only gotten little spurts of my regular “Z’s” here and there. After saying goodbye to my folks, I made my way down onto a shuttle bus that carried a full load of people and luggage. After dropping off the first group at Terminal A, I could already feel my nerves going haywire from the sheer knowledge that I was Terminal E. I DID NOT HAVE THIS SORT OF TIME. Luckily, we bypassed B and C, went straight to D, and then I found myself on an elevator headed for what I had hoped would be an easy processing of my luggage.

Regretfully, I’ve never been one to fly on my own, at least not in my twenties, and I should have absolutely gotten to the airport earlier. There were swarms of people like angry, sleep deprived ants just rushing from one end of the baggage area to the next.

“Step 2?! I haven’t even done Step 1??!!”

“Excuse me, but you’re, like, cutting in front of all these people. The line starts back there. ” *Points to an area that feels miles away from where I’ve gotten to already.

“5:50? Oh yeah, you’re going to be rushing to that one!” *Hearty laugh at my expense*

Looks guys, I’m really new to, well, all of this. So cut me some slack…
Let it be known, not all airport employees are awful. Today alone I’ve had three extremely kind and patient employees that have helped me, pointed me in the right direction, and allowed me to fail at every turn without giving me grief about it. Honestly, it’s been my fellow travelers that come off as, and pardon me here but, assholes.

The flight was seamless, though I think I may have zonked out during take-off (Not really my favorite time during a flight).
And now, I write this post from the Newark Airport, Terminal B, Gate 65. (My flight leaves from Gate 63, but sadly there are no accessible outlets for me to use nearby)
ALSO, let it be known that TERMINAL B is a whole hellscape to access from TERMINAL A and it requires TWO bus transfers to find.

Once 6:30 rolls around, I’ll be boarding my flight to cross the pond and land in Oslo. Wow, my first steps on foreign soil…sort of. Beyond that lies a final flight to Manchester and then my five month journey through Ormskirk, Liverpool, London, Paris, and on and on and on and on till I come back home to my wonderful life!

For those of you who haven’t been told, I won’t have access to my regular phone while overseas, so I’ll primarily be updating everyone here, social media, or using WhatsApp for texts, calls, and video chats. Thank you again to everyone who helped me reach this place and continue my love for what I do. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as often as I can and let you share the adventures and stories that I’m sure to make while here!



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