Arkansan Abroad – Week 1

Hello, hello, hello! I’m back and here to tell you of my tales thus far!
1. I have already gotten myself lost.
2. I have tried five new beers within 72 hours.
3. Everyone here is a wonderful, hilarious, asshole.

But in all seriousness, I’ve already fallen in love with where I’ve gotten myself to and I already know it’s going to be hard to leave. It’s only been three days here and I feel like I’ve already accomplished and done so much.

First and foremost, it is waaaaaay colder here that anticipated. I thought myself fully prepared, but little did I know I was nothing but a naive young man with thoughts of staying warm in the one large jacket and multiple layers he packed away. I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good handle about the campus, though it feels a lot larger than UCA.

I’ve got to do a quick shout out to all of the amazing friends that I’ve made so far that have made this transition easier. So, here’s to you AJ, Isabell, Keelie, Holly, Beth, Mike, Matt, and everyone in between! Even though the majority of you poke and prod at me about either being a wimp with the cold or being the oldest of the bunch, I love you all I know that I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day by day struggled we each find without all of you.

So, I’ve got to let you all know about my getting lost in the town of Ormskirk at 2 a.m. It all started with bonding alongside the International Office friends I’ve made and the invitation to go out on the town and enjoy some drinks while the Liverpool v. Everton game. Spoiler: Liverpool won! So, we move on from the pub to a cozy little bar called the Mad Hatter and I’ve completed at least three drinks by now. Beer and liquor are poured and passed around and by the end of the night, Isabell, AJ, and I decide we should head back to campus. Now, a disclaimer. I like to think that I’ve always got a good head on my shoulders about where I am and where I’m to be, but when I put myself in the lead of our little group, I was quickly proven wrong by Ormskirk. We wandered for what felt like years, until finally I phoned in for advice on what to do, we found the footpath to walk, and eventually made our way to the backside of the campus. Mind you, it’s nearing 3am, we’re pissed (not in the good way) and jet lagged. But, eventually we fell into our respective beds and welcomed sleep.

My following nights have not been nearly as adventurous, but I feel like every day that passes by leads me to a greater understanding of why I chose to come here and spend five months learning how to create more illustrative pieces and branch out to an international audience.

So, now we’ve begun the first week of Orientation and I’ve started getting my classes and schedule together, which happens to be a challenge all by itself. I honestly never thought I could become more excited than I’ve been before about starting classes. It’s going to be an amazing adventure and I’m so lucky to have been placed here. So, that’s about all I’ve got to share for this post! I hope you all enjoy and keep up with my antics and adventures.



PS! One final important piece of information! If you’re looking to send me physical mail (WHICH I LOVE) here is my new address for the next few months!

Caleb Patton
78 Main Hall
Edge Hill University
St Helens Road
L39 4QP


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