Arkansan Abroad – Week(ish) 2

Well, well, well. Fancy meeting all of you lovely people here once again. I feel awful for not keeping with my goal of writing once a week, ON TIME, but I think Thursdays are going to become my regular day for keeping all of you up to date on what’s happening over here in England.

Man, I don’t even know where to begin honestly. Even though I’ve only been here for just around two weeks, I feel like I’ve really begun to build a life with all of the friends and ‘family’ that I’ve found. Each day presents a new and exciting adventure/challenge that proves I’ve got no idea what I’m doing here! (Totally kidding…ok…maybe halfway kidding.)

When I last left you all, I’d just started Orientation Week, right? Well, since then, I’ve had my first full week of classes and let me tell you, it’s quite different from how things work back home. So typically, at home, you’ve got classes that repeat throughout the week and you see those professors and classmates multiple times before drowning yourself in homework and such over the weekend.
I meet with my class one time, ONE TIME, during the week for about four hours. Now, I know what you’re thinking. HOLY SHIT?! HOW CAN CALEB STAY FOCUSED DURING THAT?!?!
Well fear not, it’s broken up with breaks, discussions, lectures, and seminars (smaller groups meeting) to make sure that it isn’t too strenuous on the students. It’s actually quite exciting because it presents the challenge of making sure you do the work. There’s no busy work, not really any homework. It’s primarily what they refer to as ‘autonomous learning’, meaning that you’ve got to put in the time yourself to learn what you need for the next class and final projects.
Oh yeah, did I mention that? I’ve got these final projects for the classes and that’s really all there is to do that’s worth the ‘marks’. Weird, right?
Also, the most important part. Because I only have a class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, that means and yes, you guessed it, I HAVE LONG WEEKENDS FOR TRAVEL, WORK, AND WRITING! It’s a damn dream come true.

Ok, let’s see. Beyond classwork and making it to my classes (haven’t missed one!) I’ve been trying to figure out just how I can immerse myself into the culture more than I have since arriving. Thankfully, there are ‘Societies’ that allow students to do just that!

Societies are basically ‘clubs’ that specialize in whatever the interest may be such as, Medieval Re-enactment, Pokemon, Rugby, AMERICAN Football, Pijamas, GARLIC BREAD, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on, but I digress. I’ve been interested in a few of these and thankfully, I’m planning on joining two, possibly three, of them.
1. Musical Theatre
2. Table-Top Gaming
3. MEDIEVAL RE-ENACTMENT!!!! (This one just gets me pumped for playing with swords)

There’s also been a few mini adventures that I’ve had in between all of this chaos. Mainly, trying to figure out the bus/train system, finding out that PRIMARK IS THE MOST AMAZING STORE EVER, enjoying the market of Ormskirk on Saturdays, and putting myself into a food coma with so many delicious meals that I can’t even name them all in here.

And, of course, I’ve got to give my shout out to all of the wonderful friends that I’ve been adding to Facebook, Snapchat, and all of the amazing memories we’ve been building together!
So, here’s to you weird and wonderful people!
Madison, Adelaide, Pedro, Julia, Michelle (Granny), Michelle, Armando, Alex, Keri, Riley, Sam, Brianne, Lily, Taylor, Alyssa, Lloyd, Big C, Scott, Dylan/Dillion (because I don’t actually know how to spell), Simone, Andre, Diamond, ALL YOU RIDICULOUS CREATIVE WRITING FOOLS, and anyone that I missed!

So yeah, it’s been quite an adventure so far 🙂

Here’s to so many more memories and stories that I’ll be sharing.
When next I return, I’ll have travelled and toured Liverpool (for the third time), expeireienced my second string of classes, and begun to plan my longer trips including but not limited to, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Blackpool, The Lake District, York, London, and many more.

Cheers you nerds,


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