Awww, (S)Hucks (My time with LRU)

This marks the second summer that I have participated in the Little Rock Ultimate Frisbee Summer League and boy, have I upped my game.

During my first summer, it was mostly spent running around the soccer fields, clueless as to where I needed to be or what I needed to do. I was like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time and I’m sure that the rest of my teammates could tell. But still, they were supportive of me and helped me as I continued to learn what I needed to do and how to throw the disc better.

This year changed all of that.

When I say that I was surrounded by an extremely supportive and hilarious group of people who yes, wanted to win, but mostly played just to have fun and enjoy their time playing, I mean it. Being a part of ‘Peel’ (The Orange Team) this year really showed me that if you have a group of people with a positive attitude, you can push through just about anything.
Out of the entire season, we only won 1 of our games, but we were constantly biting at the heels of some of the best teams from the roster, only falling behind by one or two points. Sometimes, we were even with the opposing team and simply had to stop playing due to the “hard cap” on time, keeping us out of the winners circle. Yet still, we held our heads high and continued to play with less people that most teams, less younger players than most teams, and with the most spirit I’ve ever seen from a group of people.

As with many things in my life, I owe thanks to Heather for introducing me to one of the greatest events I’ve ever taken a part in and I have to thank the Ultimate Community for creating such a welcoming place that just about anyone can join.
I cannot wait for next summer where I will hopefully score more than once in the whole season and to see all of your beautiful faces once again as we die in the Arkansas summer heat.

May all your hucks stay within the endzone and your dumps be caught with grippy hands!

See you next summer,


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