Poetry Friday – I Dream of London

I Dream Of London

As I walked

through the hedgerows of houses,

The night dripped and dropped like ink and oil,

A draggard blaggard,

Peaked through moonlight smiling,

His eyes preened and picked apart,

Beak and talon,

He squealed,

My feet were stone and silent,

My arms were chained against his charms,

The sound of scumesy steps began,

Creep, creep, creeping up from behind,

As cold and crooked fingers closed my eyes,


Wakey, wakey, eggs and meat

crying like a rooster’s roar,

The sky seemed new and naughty,

Orange and purple and painted

like oil on a canvas,

Stars shimmered when I stood,

The sea shone with rich hues,

Drowning the sun underneath it’s Piccasilly sighs,

Heaving and weaving,

The world both turvy and topsy,

Nothing where I’d left it before,

That charming smile slide so easily back into my mind,


you’ve had quite a fall,

The words slipping through me like ice,



come with me,

I’ll treat you nice and neat and sweet like cream,



My tongue was heavy with leaden words,

Disappearing like pills dropped in a drink,

Down a drain,

Down an unwittingly interested party,

Dreat me, my sweet,

Lend me your marbles for just one night,

I promise,

I won’t lose them.



When I wrote this poem, I was still studying abroad in England at Edge Hill University. It was hard, exciting, terrifying, and everything I never thought I would be able to achieve while still in college. But, one of the scariest parts of being overseas was the fact that I really was just a dude from the ‘Armpit of the South’ in a much larger pond than I’d ever been in before.
So, after much discussion with my peers and friends/family back home, I’d decided that I was going to make my first (and only) major trip to the one city I’d always seen so much about in books, movies, and TV. London.
Now, the title is very literal, I did dream of London…like…a lot. But one night in particular scared the living daylight out of me as, in the dream, I was stabbed while walking down a darkened alleyway trying to find my way back home. Obviously, this didn’t happen, but I used that fear and excitement to create the piece you just read.
So I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to next weeks poem!

– C

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