Sliding into those DM…roles…

It’s been almost a year since I discovered the joy of being in a group of people, sitting around a table, and creating a narrative unique to us. Nothing beyond the walls of the room we ‘trap’ ourselves within can penetrate the atmosphere of dungeon crawling, murder hobos, and wacky antics created with just those few simple words of, “So, what do you guys want to do?”

Dungeons&Dragons, a role-playing, tabletop(now comes in digital form too!) game co-created by the late, great Gary Gygax, has become such an integral part of my life that I don’t know what I would do without my players and the time I spend with them. I often find myself, and Heather can attest to this, thinking up knew strategies and plots to throw against all those who would dare enter the realms I create. But my biggest joys I gain from running these sessions and building a world with all of my players are their reactions from every twisting turn or unnecessary Check needed to foil the plot and save the day.

Recently, I’ve been playing with a solid group of seven, including the occasional friend that asks if they can join in for a session to experience the wild ride that is my Dungeons&Disney campaign. Our intrepid group of adventures consists of the following weirdos:

– A dark half-elf warlock, filled with the need to discover darker and more powerful magics at the command of his friends from the other side, all while flirting with anything that moves. (For his own motives of course)
– A daring, Triton barbarian who faces adversity without thought for his own well-being, often times to a fault. But what can he say except, you’re welcome? With a mighty howl, he faces down foes with his trusty great ax and fears no mortal man.
– An alcoholic, Tortle monk who just wants to ride the waves and go with the flow.
– A dwarven, ginger ranger and her trusty bear companion, seeking new creatures and conquests throughout the realms.
– An, often, fearless Kobold bard who is usually taken advantage of by our barbarian, only to then be the highest damage dealer with his array of arcane magic and music.
– The ever-sassy, human cleric, who wants nothing more than to dive back into her books and avoid meeting anyone who doesn’t appeal to her tight-knit community of friends.
– And, of course, our peace&love totting wood elf druid who enjoys long walks through the woods, transforming into the creatures of the land, and kicking back with the Monk to enjoy only the best seaweed around.

This is our family. Our, and you know I have to say it, ohana. They’re wild, crazy, and often send me directly into a fit of face-palming, but I wouldn’t want to run a campaign with anyone but them. I hope that our campaign continues for many weeks to come, because I’ve got plenty in store for them.

I know today’s post is kind of sappy, but hey, that’s who I am and I just wanted to brag on my group a little bit. (So sue me!)

Stay frosty out there folks.
Until next time,



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