Poetry Friday – Sorry For Not Answering The Phone

Sorry For Not Answering The Phone

Our lives ring out,

Like a metronome of memories



placed in perfect little picture frames,

On shelves

around the borders of my heart,

Children in the streets,

That we mold between bed sheets,

Thier change jingle-jangles in the




Pull me close again

because I miss that taste

that tender touch,

Where would I be?

Who would I become?

Had you not thrown your life,

Against mine,

Had we not made this tornadic,

Terrible nightmare,

A little more bearable,

Like keys,

Jingle-jangling against our bedside table.


I like writing Ekphrastic Poetry. For those that don’t know what that means, it’s where your inspiration is drawn from something like a song or a dance routine or a movie. It’s a poet ‘reflecting’ on something like a painting or statue through their own writing.
This poem, one of my favorites, was inspired by a song created by the band, in love with a ghost, called Sorry For Not Answering The Phone, I’m Too Busy Trying To Fly Away. It’s a beautiful, simple song that I constantly listen to in my Writing Music playlist and I hope that someone can take just as much love away from it as I do.
So, I hope you enjoy and are looking forward to next weeks poem!


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