Going Greek

There’a always been a lot of controversy around whether or not Greek Life is an integral part to University Life. Often, you hear horror stories of groups of young men or women who belittle and demean the fresh-faced youngsters coming into the scene and push them far past the limits they’re used to being around. Often, you hear about deaths or serious injuries sustained while being forced to chug gallons of alcohol or water, drastically losing weight because they were told they couldn’t join due to their “jiggles”, or just being treated as a second-class citizen because they’re a “JI” (Just Initiated).

Yes. These are things that still happen across the country today. Yes. These are still fears that every parent should have and have the right to have.

But I’m here to say that it isn’t like that everywhere.

I remember what my first impression of Greek Life was like, long ago in the days of me sitting down and watching Revenge of the Nerds with my mom. Here was this group of outcasts, geeks, and dorks that failed to be accepted by the “popular” crowd and what did they do, they made something all their own. They didn’t back down when faced with adversity. They didn’t lose hope that they’d become their own chapter. They stood for what they believed in and held strong and in the end, they earned what they’d worked so hard for without losing who they were on the way…


In my many years as a member of Phi Sigma Kappa, Epsilon Mu Chapter, I’ve learned a thing or two about staying true to who you are when faced with adversity and change. There have certainly been opportunities for me to become someone different, someone that I never thought I could be, but that never felt like the path I needed to travel down. I even lost myself in the luster and limelight of being a member of the Greek community, but soon found myself and found that I wasn’t happy with how I was treating the world around me.
But, above all else, I’ve learned how to better myself and better the people that walk through our doors. I’ve learned that to become a leader, you have to BE a leader and not a BOSS. There’s a major difference in telling people what to do and leading them down the path as an equal. For me, going Greek has given me a confidence that I hadn’t known was there, have taught me how to work with others (even when I don’t want to), and how to manage my time effectively.

In a few weeks, we’ll be going through Recruitment once again and it’s shaping up to be an amazing semester for us. There are a lot of guys that are interested and I’m interested in getting to know them better as the weeks go on and they make their final decision. I think everyone should give Greek life a chance and if there’s ever any questions, I’m always here to help and answer them for anyone.


Just wanted to share my thoughts for today and I hope if anyone out there reads this,, it helps shed some light on Greek Life.

Until next time,



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