Poetry Friday – I exist, I thrive, I write

I exist, I thrive, I write

There are nine hundred and fifty square feet in my home.

Within those walls and short(ish) halls are held my memories

and my love for all of the shared moments between,

Strands of silver and golden friends

Mothers and Fathers

Throbbing hearts

And all who are left behind

It’s a castle that never crumbles under the weight of

careless creatures roaming outside my windows,

lying in wait for the moment to strike out against me.

My space is shared with another.

It’s the building block upon which the remaining years I have

are planned and plotted out across the country,

In every National Park we mark countless Fit Bit steps in

In every city that leaves us pining for a world beyond the South

In every photograph hung across our “favorite” wall

It’s a museum of curiosities that only we need know the detail of

and admission is always free.

My life is good.

I could never ask for more

because I wouldn’t be who I am now





I am here with you.

Reading this

Writing this

For all of you

For her




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