The Promise of a Prince

As I’ve stated previously, I’ve been running a Disney Themed Dungeons&Dragons campaign for a group of friends. Our most recent meeting led us towards a wedding ceremony between one of the players and his soon-to-be, a prince of the Atlantean kingdom they’d just come from in previous meetings.
Today, I thought I would share the vows that the Prince gave during the ceremony, simply because of how proud I am of writing them and to show how ridiculous they are all at the same time.

It should also be said, the prince has known this character for a maximum of a week, at best, and is currently under the influence of a powerful, magic spell. So…take that as you will…

*Addressing the present crowd*

My loyal subjects! Friends old…

*looking to The Group*

and new. The ancients tell stories of love, of great heroes crossing treacherous seas and facing down terrible beasts in order to obtain it. I know that I have placed doubt within your hearts by leaving the great city of Atlantis, but something was calling me to that island. When I arrived, I sought adventure, knowledge, and a journey I had not fully prepared myself for and in seeking those, I found myself trapped within the jaws of a beast I could not slay alone. Soon, I found myself locked within the grasp of a spell our people had no prior knowledge of and it controlled my every move. I was made to…do horrific acts against my will…

*Hanging his head some*

I lost many dear friends on that journey, those that I will carry the burden of for the rest of eternity.

*Looking directly at The Bokor*

But as you, the one who saved me, shone across the field of battle I felt a rising heat within my chest. I felt the spell break as I was set free and there you were, glistening against the ancient stone and sea and I knew then, in an instant, you were what I travelled to that island to find.

*Taking The Bokor’s hands in his*

I vow to you, from this day forward, that I shall never leave your side. Should you have me, I will always stand by your every decision. Should you need me, I shall be there with sword and shield to have your back. Should you love me, I will grant to you that which so many have sought and will continue to do so until the day I die. All I ask, is that you grant me the honor of being your one true love…


This is a fairly short post today, but I hope that you enjoy it nontheless! If you’d like to see more of my wild adventures DM-ing for this group, leave a comment at tell me what you’d like to see!
If you think this is boring and don’t want more of it….then….ummmm….sorry?

Anyways, I’ll soon return with more and I hope you enjoyed it!

– C


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