Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate.

As a writer and creator, one of the most valuable tricks I’ve learned to being successful in the industry is being a collaborator. I often find people around me prefer to work on their own and I think, to an extent, that can be a fine line of judgement. You don’t want your work stolen. You don’t want to wait on others to get things finished. You don’t want to have to schedule and plan around anyone but yourself.

But for me, I am a collaborator through and through. I would much rather work with one or two other people on something fantastic than look at my own work, alone, and silently judge it. I honestly think that some of my best work and projects have been created simply because I asked for a group effort or collaboration on it. It’s honestly quite frustrating to me when people refuse to collaborate on a project.

Today is a really short post and I apologize, the semester is panning out to be a busy one! But, I am going to do my best to stay consistent with the week-to-week postings and let you all know I’m still fairly sane.

– C


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