Poem – A – Day Challenge

Greetings Masses,

Thanks to a dear friend of mine, Al VanSickle, I’ve dedicated myself to writing a poem every day out of the month of October (or until I fill up my notebook purchased for this reason).

So, without further pause, here’s my first poem entry. (I’ll post the other as the day goes on.)


“Degree” by CSP

“And just what will you do with that”
they ask,
Just what will you do with that?
It’s not the fat cash paychecks
others will rake in as they
grease the wheels and bacon of feigned charity.
There will be no tours to Florence
for fits of fashion
Just what will I do
with that?

Sure I can Seuss it up and rhyme
all the days I spend,
Wringing hands together like necks being
My words
choking within me,
Pour me another glass like
Turpentine and wine I
like the burn.

And while you sit
so blasé
I can hear you ask
now just what will he do with that.
It’s the rabbit I pull from within the bag
I forget the cat because I let him out
so long ago.

The truth is
I don’t know what I’ll do,
The truth is
that I’m a talent and
that terrifies me,
The god-awful truth is
that I’m awful at being in this
god-fearing place.

Freedom tastes sweeter
than cola cakes and birthdays,
But fear of forgetting
the ingredients
keeps me coming back.

just what will I do with that.


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