Poem – A – Day Challenge #4

“I Can’t Stop Watching The News” by CSP

I am a powerful, white man.

That’s it
because the color of my skin says
do what you want
reap no punishment
and keep on living in a world build
just for you.

I am a powerful, white man
who grew up within a family of
powerful women.
There were hazy days spent forgetting
the promised made to my mother and
her mother before her.
I spoke clear when I walked away from
shaming nasty women and
I shout out at any who would see an
underappreciated member of my community go on believing that they
aren’t worth it.
I cry, I weep, I hang my shameful head at the sights and sounds
of a brutal land blasted back to a stone age of
beatings and battery.

I am a powerful, white man
who with powerful friends by my side stands
tall against oppressive forces so that
one day
I don’t fear for the health and happiness of
my sisters.
I don’t fear for
my friends
walking alone at night where
hungry packs of rabid beasts prey on
savagery and sick thoughts.
I don’t fear that a nine-year old grows into a world where
rape is commonplace and stories told out of
fear and anger are

I am a powerful, white male but
I am nothing without the women
who paved the path ahead of me.
The women who I walk beside as we
march towards equal pay
towards equal respect
towards equal safety and love.
The women who will continue to march
continue to fight when
I am old and gray.

I am a powerful, white male but
I am weakened every day by
power drawn and stolen
from the people who deserve it most.


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