The Green

Envy, Runs wild through my veins, Sweet, And sour. I am filled to the brim, Steaming and screaming at the top of my lungs, Tip me over, Pour me out, Better still, Just tip me damn it. Every penny pinched, Every dollar earned will soon burn, Holes in my pockets, Holes in my heart, More,… Read More The Green


It comes caught in the mouths of those who seek it, It weakens weaker minds and molds all those who worship it, It plows through pastures with irritating irrigation, It subdues those both sexual and sensual in nature and in bed, It warps and wraps itself around women who weep at the sight of it,… Read More Controlled


I can feel, Everything. The bitter sandpaper coating my throat, Oceans of mucus and snot, Pouring down my sinuses, Bones aching, Head aching. I feel aged, I feel weathered, The tread of my sole’s gone bare. Yes, I know I don’t have the same energy, And yes, You’ve made it very clear that I look… Read More Sickly


Heard, but not seen, My words stretching like, “Good morning, love, How’d you sleep?” Questions, Asked but not answered, Our love lay dead, Doorknobs and dustpans, Ashes to ashes, Life, not lived yet, Livable, Side by side, In hushed hallways, Always, hotter than the summer sun, Yet, A heart cold as ice, “Too nice,” I… Read More Eyes